4 Paradigm-Shifting Lessons from Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle, the superstar comedian, walked away from millions of dollars, and the limelight, a decade ago. His life today looks much different.  I believe we can learn something profoundly simple from his story and the desires of his heart.

And thus, we can learn about our neighbors.

First… watch the video below.

What do you notice?

From this interview with Chappelle, I notice at least four desires of the heart that, I believe, are common to all people.

I can clearly see that the human heart desires:

  1. Depth of community
  2. Something greater (a purpose) than one’s self
  3. Authenticity of relationships.
  4. Something worth celebrating

The human heart desires: 1-Depth of community 2-Purpose 3-Authenticity 4-Things worth celebrating!Click To Tweet
Do you see anything else?

In your neighborhood, in your friend circles, in your context, does this ring true?

Do you see neighbors and acquaintances looking for authenticity? Community?

Chappelle does not claim, to my knowledge, to be a professing believer/follower of Jesus. Many of our neighbors are in the same boat. And the deep desires of their heart are the same as Chappelle’s. We have an opportunity to affirm these things that we see, and point them towards a solution.

This tweet from Dan White, Jr. sums it up well:

How will choose to you affirm in them (your neighbors, friends, and family), these God-created desires of their heart?

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Evan Blackerby
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Evan works alongside others to create a missional community in his neighborhood. He also seeks to encourage other disciples in their journeys towards starting missional communities in their contexts.
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