What is a Missional Community?

A missional community is a biblical community, pursuing the mission of God by experiencing, demonstrating, and declaring the gospel to an identifiable group.

Churches and/or missional communities
in neighborhoods (including apartment complexes, housing developments, and subdivisions), “third places” (i.e. coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores), friend groups, college campuses (including degree programs and dormitories), and work places are God’s plan to make his gospel known. Jesus can, and does, use these places and people groups to make himself known to the world.

Groups of people, missional communities, following Jesus together is how other groups of people find out about this great story of redemption and the story ripples outward.

Believing that Jesus can change lives in every neighborhood, third place, friend group, dormitory, apartment complex, and workplace, we (on this particular blog/website/resource) want to create relevant and helpful posts to practically encourage missionaries as they inch the ball down the field. We also want to give practitioners a platform to share what they are learning and how they are progressing in their own missional contexts. 

If you have ideas for new posts, please let us know by contacting us here.


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